Why I Write

My first project in the Minor.  I share why, at this particular time in my life, I choose to write.


My second project in the Minor.  I wrote an open letter to Buzzfeed meant to be printed in the Opinion section of the Michigan Daily.  I repurposed a paper I wrote last year about ethical eating.


My third project.  A remediation of the second in which my project takes on a more visual form.

Welcome to my ePortfolio! 


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A note on the site's images: There are two cities that are close to my heart: Ann Arbor and Lexington. The three pictures above were taken in Ann Arbor- the city that inspired my desire to write.  The sunset picture above is a picture taken from home- where my support and encouragement come from.  All the images on the site, with the exception of the top photo, were taken by Mike Padilla.



Writing is the thrilling feeling of expectation or a painful uncertainty.


One second it feels like


the walls are closing in.


In the next moment you feel enlightened and it is like the world is expanding.


It feels like you are taking up your rightful space.


To write is to always experience soemthing new.


Write because there are things out there that cannot be explained.


But we can try.